Apple vs. Android

  Have you ever thought how Apple has become so successful over other forms of technology such as Android or PC? Is it the 'shiny' products they produce that are so slim and beautifully manufactured, or is the fact that it delivers functional products that produce powerful results, or are you just concerned with having... Continue Reading →

Video Killed the Radio Star

When was the last time you used a rotary phone? How about a street-side pay phone? Or a library’s card catalog? When you need brief, factual information, when was the last time you reached for a volume of Encyclopedia Britannica? Odds are it’s been a while. All of these habits, formerly common parts of daily... Continue Reading →

Another Day, Another Dollar

What is Transmedia, well it is pretty much a method to further tell a story, which creates an experience across many different platforms and formats, such as movies, television, video games, books, comics and the internet. In doing do, the storyteller can reach a broad audience as well as create more depth to the overall... Continue Reading →

Robin Thicke vs. Marvin Gaye

"The verdict handicaps any creator out there who is making something that might be inspired by something else," Pharrell said last year. Copyright laws make it hard for artists to find inspiration from previous music without being told they are "copying". The example of "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke and "Got to Give it Up" by... Continue Reading →

Remix Culture

Remix culture is becoming somewhat a norm these days, everything is remixed. Something is made and a remix is formed and makes it better. But when do we stop acknowledging the original artist, how far must we remix before the original is forgotten. Remix helps express our creativity and makes us think about originality and... Continue Reading →

Meme Warfare

Memes are not some new thing that happened yesterday, they have been around for quite some time. It is only recently though that they have had a detrimental effect.  This recent election proved that memes, some of which have been funded by politically motivated millionaires and foreign governments, can be potent weapons, but they pose... Continue Reading →

Make America Great Again

Do any of us have our own personal opinion on Trump or are we just mismatching what we are being fed by the media. During the election of Trump and during his Presidency thus far, all there has been is negative media. How are we, as an audience suppose todepict a fair an honest opinion... Continue Reading →

Let Me Take a Selfie

Selfies these days are a huge phenomenon, they take up most of our Instagram feeds and we send our faces over Snapchat. But, why do we find ourselves obsessing over these selfies? Selfies can be considered as 'Fake News', no one ever looks like that bombin' photo they posted to their Instagram account. It took... Continue Reading →

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